About Me

I have been a classroom teacher for over a decade in grades 6-12 including English Language Arts, History, Humanities, Science, Drama and Study Skills.  I am also a reading teacher and have worked as a curriculum coordinator and team leader.  Recently, I completed my PhD and am teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in education and the humanities.  I also supervise pre-service teachers and mentor academic writers.

My current life motto:

Read critically
Think deeply
Write persuasively
Act compassionately

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  1. Dear Professor Porath: Hello from Holcomb Hathaway, Publishers! You just ordered one of our books--Literacy and Learning in the Content Areas, by Sharon Kane. Because I cannot find an email address for you, I'm reaching out this way--I'd like to send you information about the instructor materials and other materials to help you teach the class. You can reach me at sscott@hh-pub.com (Sally Scott at hh-pub.com). I look forward to talking with you soon! Best wishes, Sally Scott