Thursday, January 20, 2005

3 Sections of Life

A few years ago a friend stated his philosophy of life like this: There are three aspect of your life – social, family, and work. One aspect can be out of kilter and you'll feel fine, but when any two are not going well, you will feel overwhelmed or depressed. I've though a lot about this over the years and believe that is true. For me, the separate “sections” of my life do spill over to the other sections. If I'm having a bad day with the students, I'll not be as pleasant as a wife as I should be. Lately, though, it seems that all three are chugging along happily. I feel confident in the classroom and see students learning real skills for life. They are engaged in the work and performing well. At home, I then feel more relaxed and able to do homey things without feeling guilty about school. This year we have chosen to limit our social life and spend more time at home. It was a conscious decision when taking this job. We knew we would be living in a fairly unpopulated part of the island and that going out would be expensive. I would like to be a little more connected with the world in general, and that happened last night. We are officially connected with DSL so I can use internet at home now. This will also improve my work for school as I can search for resources from the comfort of my own home.

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