Monday, March 11, 2013

Less than an Elevator

Starting the first week of graduate school, most students are asked, "What is your research?"  Heading off to a conference to present a paper, students are advised to create an elevator speech about the paper, a 30-60 second summary of the paper that could be delivered in the elevator when you happen to bump into the one person you really want to read  your paper (like the person who you based your methodology on).  But, now Inside Higher Education proposes an even more practical, yet difficult feat - a Snapshot Dissertation - a 30-60 second video that summarizes a student's dissertation in language their parents or grandparents could understand.  I think this is a great idea!  As the article says, higher ed needs to help the general public understand why it is important to study Shakespeare, Moliere, blue footed boobies or a classroom.  For the full article, see the link below:

Snapshot Dissertation -

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