Tuesday, July 13, 2004


I finished reading Finding Your Leadership Style, which is available through ASCD, plus a study guide. I found it interesting. After taking the survey, I found that my leadership style is strongly Dynamic Supportive. Which means, "Charismatic, warmhearted, sincere, reliable, humorous, compassionate,strong yet gentle all these words can describe Dynamic Supportives.

This quality type is typified in therapists, healers, clergy, guidance counselors, teachers, and communicators. They are independent,intuitive, and good at bringing people together... They make the best friends because they listen well and offer assistance, even at great cost or trouble to themselves. They do so because they are driven to help others.

It's what gives them the most satisfaction. And although they are willing to help almost anyone, they are no fools. Their  dynamic  quality makes them strong-willed, confident, and determined. They are charismatic, but they do not have the need to lead or control others. They can take charge of a situation but would rather not do so. Still, people
are drawn to them; they have a presence." page 39. That sounds like me.

Actualization Leadership Role - Suggestions
1. Prioritize commitments. Tend to take on to much.
2. Set time aside for yourself.
3. Consider assuming small to mid-size leadership positions.
4. Serve as a buffer to the bureaucracy.

A second part of the book discussed leadership virtues. The author believes that all leaders embody 7 typical virtues - courage, impartiality, empathy, good judgment, enthusiasm, humility and imagination. My survey suggests that my strong virtues are courage, impartiality and humility. That does seem to ring as true. I don't think I'm humble.

The author also suggested that some of the best work done within school districts is done when leaders' qualities are matched with the job that needs to be done, and, being able to create leadership teams which are balanced with different types of leaders. That seems to make sense.

Check out - Leading Everyday: 124 Actions for Effective Leadership by Kaser, Mundry and Stiles

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