Thursday, July 01, 2004

Other Sites

A little more surfing today, and a little more information to remember.

Blogs and Wikis as WebQuest Tasks - Bernie Dodge's Presentation at NECC

Walk the Talk - Middle Web Meeting

After watching Bernie Dodge's presentation, I had a few ideas of what to do with a blog. One use that I would like to try is a class blog. I could ask a student - or the class as a whole - to compose a review of the day and post it. It would be a good review, but also parents could read it, and also include sites.

The Wiki - which is a database of information, could be used to create a Kid's guide to Aruba. Though, since I'm not teaching English much this next year, that would be more difficult to do.

Bernie had some other ideas to tie the Wiki or Blog to a Webquest - as a diary, travel account, or historical story.

Mrs. D. has an interesting use of the blog. She posts a question or picture for students to respond to and they comment.

Another blog hosting site

Website saving - Furl It

Read Bernie Dodge's Tapped In session after NECC. Looked over Tapped In - could be an interesting site.

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