Monday, July 10, 2006

Blogging Greenhorn

Two years ago, at NECC 2004, I saw a bunch of people with t-shirts that said something like, “I'm blogging.” I went to a session to see what this blogging thing was all about. I opened at blog at and made a commitment to blog – which was my first entry. I've been blogging, on and off, for two years now. I'm still a greenhorn, as there is so much I need to learn. However, I understand the basics of a using a blog, I this year, I had my 10th grade students blog about The Catcher in the Rye. It was a semi-closed blog, only the registered students could comment on the blog, but it is viewable to the public. If you are interested, go to: Porath English 10

I had the privilege of showing several people how to create a blogger blog at NECC 2006. I've been excited about the possibilities that I haven't explored yet. I learned about Technorati this year, and how to tag my entries. I've been using it to search for other people's entries about NECC.

I still need to learn how to use RSS feeds though. It was talked about a lot, but I either need to spend several hours playing with it, or have someone walk me through it. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who knows how to use it.


  1. Howdy! Using RSS Feeds is about two things:

    1) Selecting an RSS Reader, also known as an aggregator.

    2) Adding RSS feeds--which appear on every blog you read.

    You can read a tutorial from Will Richardson at

    You can also setup a account. One of the neat features of Bloglines is that you can get a button for your browser.

    When you're browsing the web, and you find a blog you like, you click the subscribe button and Bloglines adds the blog to your list of subscribed RSS feeds.

    You can see my list--where your blog appears--at

    Note that with RSS feeds, I'm able to monitor hundreds of blogs as opposed to visiting them one at a time with a browser. Bloglines aggregates the RSS feeds for me.

    Your blog has an Atom feed for it. To subscribe to your own blog, or any blog, just type in the address of the blog, then add "/atom.xml" so that it looks like this:

    Hope this is helpful to you! Drop by and visit my blog--Around the

    Best wishes,
    Miguel Guhlin
    Around the Corner -

  2. Oops...I posted more info at for you.

    Take care,

  3. Hi Suzanne,

    You might also check my intro to RSS, here:


    Eric MacKnight

  4. lol . . .

    As soon as I posted my comment, I found your RSS feed. Well done!