Friday, July 07, 2006

NECC06 This Ain't Your Mama's PowerPoint - Nicole Daigle, Lafourche Parish Schools with Stephanie Delaune, NBCT and Dean Guidry


The PowerPoint of their presentation will be available soon.

Interactive PowerPoint Presentations
The are teacher made and student controlled that places the responsibility for mastering the material directly into the hands fo the learner Good for students who miss content, need more support, or for extension. There are many types – non-linear, media based etc.

They showed many different examples of PowerPoints that they have used in their classroom. One was a subtraction presentation that has a word problem, the equation, and three choices. The place value presentation showed how to group numbers with blocks. There is a feature on PowerPoint (slide-show mode) that is a “pen” tool, that will allow you to write on the slide shown. There were lots of other examples, which was neat to see what PowerPoint can do that I never thought of. The animated clips they use are from a fee based site called Animation Factory

I can't really describe the presentations, as they had a lot of different ones that could do different things. Some of the teaching games they showed rivaled the expensive software programs available downstairs. Obviously, you can also embed video in a presentation. Some presentations taught an entire lesson, such as the three branches of government. The content, video, and quiz are all together. Object boxes will allow the user to type in text as they view the presentation. The games presented included “Game Time” that flashes pictures that students respond to. Then also is Jeopardy.

This will probably be obvious to many people, but PowerPoint can hyperlink within itself. That is how non-linear presentations are made. Good tip!

There is a searchable database of PowerPoints available at the district's website LaFourche Parish Schools: to: Offices


  1. I downloaded the pdf handout but none of the links work for your teacher resource page. What is the URL?

  2. Keith - The Lafourache webiste is down reight now - the presentors mentioned that in the presentation. It should be back up next week. However, the website is:

  3. My apologies on the links not working- here is our teacher resource page:
    Thanks for the kind words!