Thursday, June 23, 2005

Admin Role and Cabinets

Administrator Role in CurriculumMapping - Dr. Susan Udelhofen

For curriculum mapping to make significant improvement in student achievement, the administrative team MUST fully support the work. It would be best if the administrative team could be trained in curriculum

  • Culture and climate
  • Relationship between admin and teachers
  • Other initiatives -How does this relate to current work? How will it benefit teachers?

  • Trust
    • This is not for evaluation
    • Admin should be able to say “I want to see what’s going on in the classroom.”
  • Honesty
    • Teachers are accurate in what they record
  • Time
  • Creating ownership and buy-in
    • May happen at different levels
We really are going to use these and share them. It isn’t a meaningless exercise.

How does CM work with/for other initiatives?
  • Differentiation – identify gaps, recognize areas to accelerate
  • Data Analysis – looking at test scores and reviewing curriculum
  • Reading – what strategies are being taught at what level?
CM should be an integrated part of whatever is already happening
  • Creating a Plan
  • Develop a core team that will help with training
  • Determine the best way to provide training to the full staff
  • Write a plan with specific activities and timeline
  • Remember – it is a cycle, plan for the long-term

    Moving to Site Based Councils and Cabinets – Dr. Jacobs

    Structures that Affect the Effectiveness
  • Time
  • School days – 180
  • School day and class period
  • Meetings – who meets with whom
  • Too many elem. grade level meetings or department meetings
  • Need more vertical meetings and HS grade level meetings
  • Too many meetings for the wrong reasons
  • Planned at the end of the day – poor time
  • Meetings with the wrong people
  • Plan for beyond year 1 – how will CM continue
Decision making process for curriculum?
  • Flow chart current way
  • Note external and internal influences
  • If and how assessment data is used
Curriculum CM Councils
  • Take the place of curriculum, assessment, and instruction committees
  • Meet monthly – work on curriculum, assessment and instruction
  • Curriculum should drive the schedule, not visa versa

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