Thursday, June 30, 2005


Beyond PowerPoint Operations:Developing Students' Writing and Speaking Skills
Kathy Zawicki

Top 10 MistakesOrganization
Knowledge of the subject
Text – too much
Graphics – blurry, too many, unrelated
Animation – sounds and movement, inappropriate, districting
Speaking skills
Time Consuming
Lacking critical thinking

The ProcessCompose – gather information, organize information, draft, critical thinking
Visually Represent
Verbally Recompose

In many cases, PowerPoint presentations are made for the speaker, not for the listener. How can that model change? The information on the screen should engage the listener and the speech should compliment, not replicate the visual information.


  1. Suzanne, I got here from a link on the NECC site. Unfortunatley, I was unable to attend and had to settle for experiencing NECC through the blogs and podcasts. When I saw Aruba under your name it just jumped out at me because I live in Birmingham Alabama.

    I tried to find an email so that I could email you but was not able to find one on any of your pages because I have a couple of questions that are totally personal. I taught some of Natalee Holloway's classmates. Is your school an International Baccalaureate school or just an Internationl school? Can you shed any new light on this situation? You can email me back at (replace the at with the @).

    PS I plan to check in occasionally to see what new you have posted. I would say often but I can't even seem to visit my own blog as often as I should :)

  2. Hi Suzanne,
    I also found your blog through the NECC site. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Philadelphia. I was curious about your teaching assignment and wondered how you are teaching in Aruba? Is this your first experience in an ISS school? I'm approaching retirement here and am looking at options since I will need to keep working for some time. Could share any insights in teaching and living overseas?

  3. If you look to the right on the screen, I have some links posted about teaching overseas. Most people find thier teaching jobs through a job fair. I first attended the Iowa UNI fair and took a job in Brazil. The second fair I went to was the ECIS fair in London, where I received a job in Lithuania. Aruba is now an ISS school. We just built a new building and it is beautiful.

    I've met several teachers who retired from teaching in the States and then began traveling in the international school circuit. I think it is a great option. I love living in a country rather than just visiting. Of course, there is always the initial transition time that is difficult, but once you make it home, then it is worth it. Let me know if you want more details, but check the links first.