Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Abracadabra – The Magic of Technology Gadgets for Educators
Kathy Schrock - Links for all the gadgets

“Any significantly advance technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - A. C. Clark

“Buy it, try it . . . sell it on Ebay” - Kathy Schrock

Ms. Schrock led the audience down memory lane looking at the technologies she used during her higher education and early librarian days. We all had a good chuckle at the movie projectors, typewriters, audio-taped computers, punch cards, and 30 lb portable computers. She also showed many photos of forms of memory and universal readers. In split seconds, Schrock ran through the most current versions of data storage devises, from the most basic to the fashion accessories. Current external storage drives are able to store more, at a smaller physical size. The old way of purchasing music is ending, now file sharing and iTunes is taking over. Even the way we listen to and play music is changing as the speakers are becoming smaller and the players have more options. Our calendars have changed from paper-based TimeRunners to an integrated PDA/phone/music/computer devise. Presentation devises introduced a a pocket sized projector with a LED lightbulb from Mitsubishi. Next on the list was tablet PCs. Office devises are becoming more integrated with print, copy, fax etc all in one. Transporting technology illustrated some ways to uniquely carry technologies – coats, purses, and an iPod backpack (Pod in back with controls in the strap). With many side comments and fun pictures, this presentation was a great review of the coolest gadgets (though mostly unaffordable).

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