Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Educator's Guide to Blogs

Educator's Guide to Blogs in (and out) of the Classroom
Erica Brownstein and Robert Klein

Blogs have been around as long as the internet. However, education is a little behind in how to use them constructively. An example of a classroom blog included book talks, discussion of what to name the class pet, and update parents. Another example, of a high school physics class has more formal discussions of about 150 words. It was edited and a formal piece of writing, based on the assignment from the teacher. However, it allowed the students to participate when they wanted to. A third example was an 8th grade honors class that was based on the books they read.

Educational used of a blog. Students like Iming and emailing each other, why not harness that enthusiasm for class? At first, the teacher needs to figure out the goal – a reflection, construction of knowledge, response to work in class, review of knowledge (diary of work done in class), extension of knowledge (assignments outside of class), or rewriting of knowledge. An important point of blogs is that it gives voice to those students who tend not to talk in class. Communication, interaction, reflection, or learning.

The presenters used to set up a blog.

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  1. 2 questions -- how do blogs differ from newsgroups? How does one get a teaching job in Aruba?

  2. Newsgroups and blogs are similar in that people can post to them and their comments stay on the web until the comments are deleted by the administrator. A blog seems to be more personal, a single person (sometimes a class) starts the dairy and others can read and comment. A newsgroup tends to be focused on a specific topic and people with interest in the same idea are drawn to the newsgroup. There is more threading of conversation in a newsgroup, whereas a blog is chronological. The line between blog and newsgroup is blurring.

    As to getting a job in Aruba, check out the job links I have posted. You will want to attend a job fair, but start doing your homework now. Also, ISS has a booth at NECC. Go talk to them.